Al Haderech Max is gearing up for its second awesome summer.

Max is sleepaway camp, but home for the weekends. Monday-Thursday are action packed overnights with barely a moment free. Friday is a recovery day from the week’s journey and Monday we are back on the road again. This summer the girls will be exploring Hershey area, the Poconos, Vermont, and Dorney Park area.

We are a camp with no borders. Early morning pickup stops on Mondays in the 5T’s, Queens, and Teaneck and the girls are off. All girls currently in grades 4-8 are invited to join us.


Where do the girls sleep? We stay in hotels (nice ones that you would stay in with your family).

What does a typical trip look like? There’s no such thing as typical. But to give a taste of the overnights here’s what the first 3-4 days sound like. Leave camp on Monday morning and go to Valley Forge to get to know a little history and a lot of new campers. Travel to Western PA for a whitewater tubing trip. The girls end their day with a BBQ and checkin at our first hotel. Day two is sightseeing through Pittsburgh. Day 3 includes Punxsutawney, weather capital of the world. Day 4 is spent at Dorney Park complete with July 4th fireworks. And that’s not even everything we’ll be doing on the trip.

Is food provided? Yes, 3 meals are provided each day in addition to snacks throughout the day.

What do Al Haderech Max Girls do the second half? They are welcome to join Al Haderech Travel.